June 15, 2016

Amy Garro Weekend

Amy's Was Here 

Like, in person. So, you're dying to know. Here is the secret. 

She's awesome. 
Super nice, fun, and kind. Our guild started the weekend with a workshop and ended with a trunk show. It was crazy busy, but crazy fun. 

Class Highlights: 

As for a teacher. Amy was great. The class was fun and engaging. She only taught in small groups, which gave the members more individual attention. The class Icy Waters is listed as an intermediate class and we did have one beginner in the group. Amy was very good at checking in and providing extra support and sometimes just plain encouragement. 

One thing I really value in a teacher is someone who checks in with everyone attending the class even if they appeared to be going at a good pace. She made herself approachable and was very kind in her direction and advice. The class had a very laid back, relaxing atmosphere. 

At the end our members decided to throw down and challenge one another to finish their quilts for our next meeting. I cannot wait to see the finishes, some of the color schemes were super cool and unique.

Before the Trunk Show on Sunday we got to sneak in a trip to York, Maine. We added a lighthouse, fresh seafood, and beaches to the list of accomplishments. 

Trunk Show Highlights: 


Then as fast as it arrived, it was over. All those beautiful quilts (did end up fitting, but only with a lot of force) got packed away and departed.

Final Score: Suitcase, 0. Amy, 1

Now for the bragging part of this post. Amy delivered me fabric. (Insert pangs of jealously). 

As she picked out these beauties she pulled fabrics that she most likely wouldn't use but described as "so, Chelsea." And, yes they are! Hello polka dots, you look fantastic today. 

That grey and aqua polka dot needs to be used in EVERYTHING from now on!

Oh the stacks in all their glory. 
They look beautiful. Best part is they all coordinate so they need to stay with one another!

General Consensus: you must have Amy visit. Can I say it again, she's great.  We had so much fun this weekend and it was well worth being tired the next morning. If only the fun never ended. 


  1. We must be polka dot sisters~you can never be sad when you see polka dots! My eye instantly went to that grey/aqua combo! Looks like a wonderful time!

  2. I think Amy needs to hire you as her promoter! LOL It sounds like a wonderful time and I was definitely jealous of the photos I was seeing over the weekend. Having fabric delivered, too, though? Awesome. :)

  3. I had such a blast at the workshop! I wish I could have made the trunk show too.

  4. Envy coming from this corner. Everything you posted about sounds like something I would enjoy. If they will permit it, would you share some of your guild's projects from this event? Love to see more.

  5. That sounds like a super awesome weekend, I am so jealous!!

  6. Amazing weekend! And I love those polka dots!

  7. Green with envy here. Looks fantastic and so much fun!