February 21, 2014

Be ... Merciful

This months theme for the Sugar Block Club is 'Be ... Merciful.'  

Mercy is one quality of a good teacher.  I have so many students in my classroom throughout the day and each and every one of them is experiencing a personal crisis.  I do teach middle school, so students can change from minute to minute, it could be social drama, or home drama.  Either way I never know how student's lives are going to effect their performance and behavior in my class.  That is were having a merciful attitude is helpful.  Many students don't tell me how they are doing so I always approach situations with caution knowing that most of the time it is so much more.  This is one quality I try to have each and every day, as I never know what is going on in the lives of others.   

As for the block, here are my February color choices.  

Ok, this one wasn't the easiest to piece, I had some difficulty with the points.  Although I really like the block and I am considering doing a whole quilt with this block.  That would force me to master those points!

Sew long for now, 


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