February 24, 2014

Churn Dash

Just finished all my churn dash blocks.  These blocks started as 6 inch blocks that were cut into quarters and paired with a solid color.  

I used the tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  She used a 10 inch block to start so my scale is smaller.  The directions are very clear and easy to follow.  

More blocks .... 

More blocks ... 

And more blocks ... 

Here is the lot of them finished!

Now I just have to decide how I am going to pair the 7 inch churn dash blocks and the 6 inch original blocks.  

For the backing I decided to use Geekly Chic's yellow glasses.  I used squares of the cream with glasses on the front.  I love the idea of the bold yellow paired with all the colors in the fabric.

Decisions, decisions.

Sew long for now, 


1 comment:

  1. Your blocks look great! LOVE the fabric you chose for the back!!