February 20, 2014

Small Blog Meet

Welcome to anyone coming over from Lily's Quilts!!

I have been quilting for a couple years now, but just started a blog at the start of this year.  Thank you for taking the time to come over and visit me.  If you like what you see feel free to follow and/or leave a comment.  I would like to get to know other bloggers and quilters out there!  So far this year has been a great experience online and I cannot wait to meet more people :)  

- Chels and Patch 


  1. You have made some very beautiful quilts. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog, I tried to respond but you are a no-reply blogger. Have a great night!

  2. I just found you're blog recently and signed up to follow you. You're Odds and Ends quilt is a beautiful and I enjoyed the scenic photos.