February 16, 2014

Churn Dash

This summer my Grandmother gave me three 6 inch charm packs.  They are not my typical color pallet and they are not the standard size.  So I was unsure what they would become at the time.  Although I have to admit, it was love a first sight.  All those bold colors play nice together.  ** If anyone knows what this line is can you help me out?  I have no idea!

I cut down the blocks into 3 inch squares, these are going to become the churn dash blocks. The finished block is 7 inches square so that will lead to some design challenges ... 

Each of the prints is getting matched with a solid for the churn dash block.

Now that I have a plan its time to start churning out those block!  To the sewing machine I go.  

Sew long for now, 


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