February 09, 2014

Farmer's Wife

I have to start by saying how much l love sampler quilts.  They are fun to make, you can use a variety of fabrics (or scraps), and there is no monotony.  Each little block is beautiful, individual, and different.  At the same time they are slow going as you cannot fly through a stack of fabric.  Either way, I am very excited to get started.  As with most things in life, I am not going in order, rather skipping around and seeing which blocks and fabric speak to me at the moment.

Here you can see my book all marked up.  I spent a good amount of time finding the easy way to make all the blocks so I won't have to use the templates.  There are only a few I am still trying to figure out, phew!   

In the process of going through all the blocks, I scaled them up from a 6 inch block to 9 inch block.  You could do this too by blowing your templates up 150%.  Personally, I like the impact of the bigger blocks.  They have a little more pizzaz. 

This is what I got accomplished today.  5 blocks done, 105 to go!

Something gives me the feeling this project is going to take all year to accomplish.  All that work and only 5 blocks done!  I am up for the challenge and excited to keep going.  Hopefully, next time I report out there will be a huge stack of blocks to show.  

Sew long for now, 


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  1. CLEVER! (now I want to see ALL of your notes :-) I think I would get so confused trying to change the block size)