January 29, 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt Sampler

I know so many people out there have already mastered, conquered, and overcome the challenges of the Farmer's Wife Quilt Sampler.  I on the other hand have not, and am honestly, kinda scared.  Hopefully, there are a few others out there who haven't started yet and would like to.  This is also one of my ten goals for 2014.  I am looking forward to getting one more thing accomplished.

First off the book uses templates!  Great for those who hand stitch, not great for those who like to get thing done fast and efficiently.  The last two weeks have been spent going through my book marking up the pages to find the quickest and easiest way possible to make each block.  Yeah, lots and lost of math.  Good thing I am a math teacher and some geeky side of me thinks it's fun.  

After going through each page, it was time to pull fabric.  This stack all got pulled from my stash.  You can see the colors are bright and fun, almost tutti-frutti.  I focused on pulling, reds, pinks, oranges, lime greens, mustard yellows, aquas, and a few grays.  Later I may need to pull some darker or richer colors to make certain blocks pop.

Isn't that chalkboard adorable?!  I ordered it off the World Market website, how could I not!!
Teacher Tip: Soak the chalk in water, it writes better and stays on longer.

Now it's time to get started cutting into that pretty sack of fabrics and making some blocks.  Next thing to decided, which one first?  The choices ... 

Sew long, 



  1. I have heard about this quilt. I am in the middle of Dear Jane right now which is crazy too, but I love watching all those little blocks come together. I have to say that I LOVE your fabric choices for this project. My Dear Jane is also done in non traditional colors. Good luck!

  2. I have also heard of the Farmer's Wife blocks but never really looked into it. Those fabrics you have chosen are going to be gorgeous! Good luck deciding on your starting block!

  3. Lots and lots of beautiful colors and prints of fabric to cut out. You really have a jo ahead of you. Can’t wait to see the blocks. Please be sure to share with us.

  4. I also really love your fabrics. While I haven't done a farmers wife quilt, I've seen plenty around on blogs etc. They are all so varied. If the small pieces freak you out - consider making a lightly larger block size (since you are going to be redrafting it anyway). Bigger blocks means fewer blocks...

    1. Suz, you read my mind. I scaled them all up to 9 inch blocks. The pieces are much less scary!

  5. What a gorgeous selection of colours! This will be a fun quilt to work on.

  6. I'd describe your fabric pull as 'fresh' - I think they're going to look great in this quilt! Best of luck!

  7. AAAAh! I keep seeing people start Farmer's Wife blocks and it makes me want to make one! I love the colors you chose!

  8. I'm totally with you on the Farmer's Wife Quilt. You're colors look so peppy and inviting. And yes, the chalkboard is adorable