January 18, 2014

Gifts for Jill

Last year my cousin Jill started quilting.  She has been living in Spain for a couple years now, so I don't get to see her often. While she was home last summer,  Jill came to visit and spent time learning to quilt.  It was great to catch up and share my love of quilting.  She has since started quilting on her own.  How exciting!

For Christmas this year I put together a basket full of goodies.  Including a needle book and pincushion made from Marmalade fabric by Bonnie and Camille.  Each of those little squares is 1 inch by 1 inch!

Detail of pincushion.

She often has to travel for the holidays, so I didn't want anything too big.  This little project was just the right size.  Her next adventure is moving to Ottawa, Canada.  Once again she will be spending long periods away.  At least now she will be a shorter (and cheaper) plane ride away!

Detail of book front.  The front and back were hand quilted using a light aqua floss (DMC 504).

The inside of the book is the same fabric used on the bottom of the pincushion. 

Here is the book open to see both sides. 

This little basket of goodies is packaged up and ready to head off to oh, Canada.  Hopefully she enjoys them!  

Also the basket was hand made from 1/4 inch Rabbit Wire, something found at any local hardware store.  Some little project I found on Pintrest and thought would be easy and fun.  After my hands were covered in blisters, bandaids, and first aid cream to numb the pain.  I came to the conclusion this was not fun.  I did manage to finish three baskets before quitting.  Although they are cute and customizable, they are not worth all the skin on my hands!

Sew long, 



  1. Loved the little basket but have to agree that it just would't be wound worthy. Darn!

  2. Just arrived back from moving Jill to Ottawa. Her apartment is cute and backs up to a beautiful river. She can't wait for you to visit. At 30 degrees below zerio you may want to wait till spring. Their apartment is tiny but they are in the process of setting things up thanks to Ikea. She loved the little sewing basket and doesn't plan on going out till spring ,as you know Jill hates the cold. so her quilting will live on and the basket will be well used. Such a thoughtful gift as you always do Chels.