May 16, 2014

Be .... Joyful

This month's Sugar Block is dedicated to finding the joy in everyday life.  Sometimes I amaze myself at the number of times a day that I complain about nonsense.  Then have to think, really was that necessary?  Either way this month I have been stopping and taking in the moment to enjoy.  Sometimes I forget how funny my students are!  Plus it's almost summer vacation, so us teacher's also get excited about that too!

This months color selection.

I totally love the block this month!  Loving how it plays with the others, starting to get really excited to see this one finished.  Just a few more months, ok, more like 7 more to go.  Must be patient.

Sew long for now, 


  1. What an interesting block design! I like pinwheel blocks, and yours look great!

  2. Beautiful blocks!

  3. Great block. The colours are so fun :-)

  4. This is such a fun block! I really like your color selection!