May 01, 2014

Kinda Sent

Somedays, I can be a complete airhead.  Most times I am fairly competent, but others not so much.   The story of this quilt goes more along the airhead side of things.  First off, I made this quilt for my cousin's boyfriend.  She wanted something in the Jamaican colors, but not all rastah-ish.  (totally not a word, I know).  Here are more details if you're interested.  Ok, back to me being an airhead.  She also wanted the back embroidered.  We had a whole conversation about what she wanted the back to say.  Fast forward one week.  

Yep, so I was in a complete rush to get this thing out.  Frantically sewing the binding on and tossing it in the yard to photograph, before rushing to the post office to mail out minutes before it closed.  That moment of clarity when the panic is over and mission is complete, by brain turned back on.  I forgot to embroider the back.  Complete you suck moment of dread washed over me.  Now, what?!  Needless to say the quilt is headed back my way and my cousin was cool about it.  Although, I am still feeing like an airhead.

I tried finding a pattern to paper piece boxing gloves, but they came out looking like kids mittens!  Not very manly at all, and they were embarrassing.  So that got scrapped, the backing is a solid gray to match the front.  The binding is a white and black stripe.  Overall, I was worried making a quilt in this color pallet.  Everything came together and made a really cool design (I can't say cute, its for a guy!).  This one defiantly beat all my expectations.  This doesn't  happen often, but so great when it does happens.  The improv piecing strip down the center was super fun to make and breaks up the monotony of the flags.

Earlier I said that I would share how to make the flags.  Well, after making eight of them,  I am not sure how to describe making them.  They are all a little off, nothing was perfect, and they were way to big and wonky, so they got cut down to 9.5 inches by 12.5 inches.  I still need to figure out how to make a tutorial, those triangles were the death of me.  

Sew long for now, 


  1. This is fantastic! I would never think to put those colors together--they are awesome. The guy receiving it will be thrilled, I'm sure.

  2. The finished article looks super, the colours really ... pop (now that's a good quilty word!) and the improv middle really works. Your cousin's chap will no doubt be thrilled.