May 08, 2014

New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop

Ok, I am wicked (that's the New England word for very) new to the blogging community.  Like, 4 months still learning my way around this space, new.  For example, I just learned that replying on my blog space doesn't mean the person who commented will be notified.  Total rookie move!  I know, but as much embarrassment I have found putting myself out here, I have also found such great joy.  The people in the quilt blogging community are such kind souls.  The comments (that I now can reply to) are so inspiring and full of cheer!  Beth over at Plum and June is running a New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, whoa say that ten times fast!  Even if I am not chosen, this sounds sew fun!  Never seen it in action, but I think it will be great. Whether I see the inside action or from the sideline, it is just fantastic that Beth is taking the time to help new bloggers and introduce us newbies to the world.    Win Win!

I highly recommend going over and taking a peak or signing up yourself!  She also has links to past year's alumni offering newbies advice.  If you are new to blogging or want to start a blog, all the columns were fantastic, honest, and informative :)

Sew long for now, 


  1. Hehehe.....I thought the same thing that if I replied on the blog, the person who commented would see it. When I eventually came to wonder why no one got back to me, I then thought perhaps I hadn't made the correct setting and searched for yonks on how to leave a reply and have it automatically emailed through to the person. Silly duffer..... I'm a newbie blogger too, so reckon this blog hop could be lots of fun....

  2. I am not the only one!!!! Hahaha - seriously now, I send you an email!

  3. I am sew glad to see you are all pumped up and excited for the new blogger hop! I participated last year and cannot imagine what it would have been like without it. Looks like an incredible group of wonderful new bloggers have been signing up for this one, too! Yes!!!

    1. Lorna, I think this is such a great opportunity to get to know everyone so much better. I spent the day reading so many new blogs. So amazing!

  4. I'm glad you're participating - You're "local" ish. Less than 2 hours! :D I get very excited when I meet people online who, with a little planning, I could probably meet for fabric shopping adventures. :D

  5. Found your blog through the Blog Hop email, will be cheering you on from now on :)

  6. Chelsea, did you find an easy way to emails responses to comments or do you just manually go in and email each person when you reply?