January 16, 2016

Mini Barn

Ladies and Gents, grab your Mod Podge and a brush. The Mini Barn Quilt kit is the prefect snowed in activity. Recently I was cooped inside with a snow day and grabbed this little project. After looking through what seemed like all my stash, I made my fabric decision and got podging (that's my new word). Turned out pretty awesome and was super fun.

After watching the tutorial, I was a little scared on the wood glue part. Going back to architectural model making days, I grabbed my Sobo. Using the craft glue allowed me to place each piece individually and have more control. It was a total win. 


  1. I just love the kits. Yours turned out beautifully!

  2. Your version is beautiful! I love these kits.

  3. I love how you decorated yours! Definitely a great snow-day activity. Just curious - did you sew the diamond pattern and then podge it, or did you just podge each piece of fabric individually?

    1. In that Arkansas traveler kit the diamonds are all individual pieces of wood so there' no sewing or need to fuss with the bulk of seam allowances with the wood.

  4. Love your choices!! I'm still stuck on mine... :(

  5. I have seen Mod Podge in the shops but never tried it. 'Podging' sounds like fun!

  6. Love how it came out Chelsea! I've never used sobo before but just about any wood friendly adhesive works well :) Thanks for sharing!