January 31, 2016

Super Tote: Take 2

My roommate, the crazy bird lady, wanted a bag with birds for her birthday! It was hard not to deliver, since she did buy all the fabric and appropriate interfacing. I got the hint. The only fabric details I know, is the sides and straps are Essex Linen in Denim. The outside is a floral print with birds and the inside is a matching stripe.  

The pattern is Super Tote by Noodlehead. This time around I opted not to put the zipper in. The roommate actually requested the bag without the zipper knowing it was going to be a work bag. Second hint, she didn't buy a zipper! She also didn't like the elastic pockets on the inside. So this is the basic model.

Poor Rosa was not impressed with having to take pictures outside, she was giving me a pouty face and looking at the door! This Tennessee gal hasn't adapted to the cold yet. Notice the shovel in the background? She will ONLY do business on grass so we have to shovel her out an area each time. Then watch the wind blow the snow over the grass again.  Oh, it's been fun. 


  1. Very cute, I have a supertote on my to-do list now :)

  2. Well the bag is beautiful! She picked out some lovely fabrics! Very funny about your dog! My grand-dog Tucker was adopted by my son last January. Well, you remember our winter last year. The poor pup never wanted to leave the house!

  3. Crazy bird lady has lovely fabric taste.
    Poor Rosa! I am not sure I could bare my bottom in the cold snow either, so she has my sympathies!

  4. Very cute tote and your roommate has a knack for picking our perfect fabrics! I'm sure she's going to get a lot of use of it.