January 01, 2016

Some Excitement for '16

Last year and the year before I laid out an extensive list of goals for the upcoming year. Well, I met some of my goals, others I did not. It's quite depressing starting the year reading about last year's failures. So, this year I am just writing down things I am excited about in the New Year. Either they are upcoming projects, classes, social sewing, or just plain want to try out. Disclaimer: This post is very rambling in my opinion and I have tried to limit the use of the !!!!!!! These are all things I am excited about so please don't judge me! 

Blogging: Year 3

Patch and I have two years of blogging under our belt, more me than him. But we are excited about another year coming your way! As you may have guessed there are some pretty AWESOME things coming to a post near you.  I plan to blog about many of the things in this list, so keep in touch :) 


Well, because what happens at retreat stays at retreat.  There is little to share here, other than another Marden's adventure (discount.designer.fabric) trip is in order! 

Family Challenge Quilt 2016

Sometimes it blows my mind how a fun little something can become a annual event. The family challenge quilt is now in it's fourth year of the competition. No one is ever marked a winner. It's just fun.  The basic rules are: my Grandmother and I receive similar or the same fabric and we have to create a quilt. For the 2016 challenge we will be battling color ways, warm or cool. I'm also putting together a post for the big reveal of last years, stay tuned!

Tribal Block Club 

Amy Garro @13 Spools is releasing her first online class, Tribal Block Club.  She had put out the call for pattern testers last month and I volunteered. I love the block above, so I am excited to see what she does with the class. Check out more at the link above.

The Sugar Block Club is Back

In 2014, I participated in Stichery Dickory Dock's Sugar Block of the Month club. All of the blocks were great. So good I even made a whole quilt from one of them and planning to make another whole quilt from another block. Amy Gibson has such a great eye for design making each block very interesting. Having fallen in love with the 12 blocks I ended up making doubling and tripling production until I had enough blocks to make a nice big quilt. It's next on my "to finish" list. This year Amy had made the club free to all who want to participate. I hope you join us the link is above! 

Outline Plus Quilt Along 

Hyacinth Quilt Designs is hosting an Outlined Plus Quilt Along using a Meadow Mist Designs pattern. The fabric is pulled and the pattern purchased. I am ready for the January 4th start date!

Meadow Mist Designs Pattern Writing Series

One of my goals in 2016 is to make more patterns. To help me out here, Cheryl is releasing a whole series on the topic! I am interested in writing real patterns, so this will be great to get some advice from people who already write patterns. Cheryl is bringing in guest speakers as well. There is a button on the side of this blog in the "What's Going On?" section if you are also interested.

Arrival of my Round Trip Quilt

As I am writing this Mary @ See Mary Quilts is working on finishing up my Round Trip Quilt. I will be so excited the day we are reunited again. Based on the pictures, I will not be disappointed!

More Friends

I love friends, who doesn't? Thank you to all who comment regularly on the blog. Any of you readers out there who don't please do, I would love to hear from you. Even though I am not usually timely (sorry about that) I do read every comment and respond. Some of you lovely readers are actually a non-reply blogger, which is sad, because I cannot send a response. I look forward to another year being apart of this community and thank you to everyone who keeps this the best group of people out there :) 

Phew. I believe that is all! Nothing short of a full plate for 2016.  Hopefully everyone has made a quick recovery from celebrating last night and is resting up for a safe, happy, and healthy new year. I am off to start the year off right, hitting up a fabric sale.


  1. As a new quilter, it is nice to hear that goals aren't always met by an accomplished quilt like you. So, I won't be so hard on myself this year.

  2. Oh those are some wonderfully exciting plans - I love the idea of a family challenge- now all I have to do is rope someone else in my family into quilting!

  3. I love your idea about what is exciting to you and they do sound fun. I really did not accomplish many 2015 goals but did make lots of fun things!

  4. I wish you so much fun and joy in 2016 as you work to mark these items off your list. :)

  5. I can't wait to see what Mary does, it's always exciting to see a quilted top! It was so nice meeting you today, see you at retreat! :)

  6. Sounds like you have lots of fun things in the pipeline, I shall look forward to reading all about them :)

  7. What a great list, 2016 is going to be so much fun!

  8. Yay friends! Good luck with your list!!