November 13, 2016

Sunday Stash: Fall Fabrics

Autumn colors have never drawn me in, but I couldn't resist the pumpkins :) Plus, it brings out my peach obsession in these fabrics. 

I did do a little 9 yard splurge this month. Morgan Kelly did a string of projects involving Les Fleurs and metallic dots that had me inspired. Modern metallics. Not your Benjamin Franklin circa 1990 fall leaf metallics. My world has expanded ... 

Still unsure, 2 yards of the stuff landed in my cart. Why waste shipping ... fill up the cart! 


and Basic Grey Grunge in Sugar Cookie

These fabrics are even more charming in person. To break the ice I picked two lightly printed metallic fabrics. They are beautiful, but I now I want something a little more densely printed. Guess I'll have to make another order :) 

Even with this order coming in I have still managed to net -123 yards this year to date. Doing the math, 1 pound is 3 yards, I have sewn approximately 40 pounds of fabric. Now if I only had the same dedication to the gym! 


  1. Love your choices Chelsea! They look so clean and crisp together. I've been eyeing some Sugar Cookie grunge for a while; this is going to push me over the edge and make me finally order some! :)

  2. Love your choice, anyone is yummiest!

  3. For metallics, I love the birds that are part of Violet Craft's Christmas at Brambleberry Ridge. Then again, I love bird anything, so I might be biased. :D One thing to note: I used a metallic as a binding, and the metallic 'paint' has worn off after less than a dozen washings... It might have been a fluke, but I won't be doing that again.

  4. Sewing 40 pounds/123 yards of fabric in a year is impressive. And the year is not yet over!