November 05, 2016

Sugar Blocks 2016: Finished

Wowzers! This is to date the biggest quilt I have ever made.  Poor Mike didn't even know where to start when holding it up! His extendable arms were out of service.

The project started as the 2016 Sugar Block of the Month Club. Then after a few months of blocks I didn't love it turned into "all my favorite blocks club". Makes perfect sense this has become my favorite quilt!

Earlier Posts: 

The color combinations in this quilt makes my heart flutter. I love the aqua, magenta, peach, mustard combination with some chambray. Swoon. 

When finishing this quilt on retreat, I went to a local quilt shop (Thimbleberries on Cape Cod). There I found more of the Kate Spain fabric I used in the quilt for the border. I had been looking with no luck, so that was my lucky day! Not being a border person, I love what it adds to this particular quilt. May need to rethink borders ... 

For the backing, I used the other sheet from my "Today is a Good Day for a Good Day" Quote quilt. They actually match in colors, binding and backing. Oh, and awesomeness! Love this pair.

To find out more about using a sheet for the backing click here. 
It's economical and worked great both times :) 

If only I could snuggle under them both at the same time without looking like a crazy quilt lady! 


  1. That is just beautiful! And I love that you used only blocks you love!

  2. Ummmm... I sleep under 2-3 quilts throughout the year.... ;) Beautiful finish and how big did it finish?

  3. Your quilt is beautiful!! I love the colours! It's a very soft looking quilt! Love it!!

  4. This is a gorgeous finish. Congratulations!

    Of course you love this quilt -- this is your signature palette! I got a kick out of your comment "May need to rethink borders." As more modern quilters, we tend to avoid borders, but your use of that Kate Spain/Sunnyside floral is spot-on. It's got me rethinking borders, too.

    p.s. What's so bad about being a crazy quilt lady?!

  5. YAY!!! If you wait a few more months you can use two quilts without the crazy quilt lady label...

    Out of curiousity, how big did it turn out? :D

  6. This is just beautiful. So many beautiful blocks in happy colors. And the Kate Spain fabric really ties it all together. That was a lucky find, indeed!

  7. You had luck finding the fabric you wanted!
    I like a good border, especially when it helps me to extend a quilt. I have just ordered a Kindle book to try to see what I can do to stretch out some blocks with settings and borders.

  8. Beautiful colors in the first one. Looks so happy to snuggle under