November 20, 2016

The Quilter's Planner: Review


One of my hobbies, is my planner. I love planning, planners, decorations, pretty much everything and anything to do with these little miracle books. In the past I have always used the Erin Condren planner. It worked but I still had a separate planner for my blog/quilting, and 4 notebooks to keep me organized. So it wasn't working all that great. 

What I really needed was a planner for quilters. A planner that understood my blogging/quilting needs and how my hobby works with the rest of my life. Enter Stephanie from Late Night Quilter's brain child, the Quilter's Planner. Winner.

* I love the color scheme so I don't feel like I need to decorate the pages as much (time saver)
* There are sections that replace 3 of my 4 organizer notebooks!
* I can use ONE planner for my blog/quilting and my life
* Price: compared to similar planners on the market the paper quality is the same for a fraction of the cost. 
* Comes with an eBook to some awesome patterns showcased each month
* Each week comes with a quilting tip, many have to do with free motion quilting. 

humble brag ... this is ME!

* One thing I did love about my EC planner was the changeable covers that could be customized
* All the stickers and extras that are on Etsy for EC planners (Steph just let me know you can get 1.5 inch stickers that fit the width for each day)

To order one, click here.

I cannot wait to have some time to get started filling in my 2017 dates! 


  1. How awesome that the Quilters Planner fits almost all your needs. I look forward to using mine for 2017!

  2. Thanks so much for reviewing it! If you decide to buy stickers from etsy, the column width for the months and weeks are all 1.5". I hope you enjoy using it!

  3. So much fancier than my $5 week-to-a-view pocket diary!