April 07, 2016

2016: Sugar Block of the Month Update

Computer problems. Well, internet problems, Bloglovin' problems.

Something changed recently. Now I cannot comment unless, I close out of Bloglovin'.  Huge pain.  Also pictures won't load. I have been reading posts with huge photo chunks missing. Let's all agree it's one of a best parts about reading blogs, all that visual candy! Yum.

Not sure if my internet cannot keep up, my bandwidth went missing, or my 5 year old computer is finally showing signs of old age. Either way I have strayed a bit lately for my own sanity.

My apologies. Once I heal my relationship with Bloglovin' things will be back to normal. Whatever that is ...

Now for some Sugar Block. Don't bother looking for March, it didn't happen (I was on vacation!!!!).



For the last round back in 2014, I ended up making 30 blocks in total for a nice big quilt and planning the same this time around. Truth be told, I wasn't a fan of March. So, I didn't make it. Instead I opted for a couple of my Picnic Pinwheel blocks to fill the void.

So far I love all these blocks. Oh, delight. 


  1. I love the April blocks. I'm considering doing an entire quilt of that block because that's just what I need right now -- another quilt to make!

  2. Oh your April blocks are so pretty! I've made my March blocks and ended up loving them more than I was expecting. I'm doing 2 a month too; it's either going to be one giant quilt or one each for my girls!

  3. So beautiful,love them all and your fabric combo is yummiest.

  4. Oh no! I hope you can work it out. I recently migrated my blog to a new host, so I hear you on computer stuff making a reading break. Your blocks look great and I hope March was awesome. :)

  5. I had a gremlin where I couldn't load images onto my blog except one by one for a while. I think a boffin somewhere updated software compatability (web browswer and Wordpress) and it sorted itself out, but it was no fun for a while. I hope the boffins sort out your problem too.