April 10, 2016

Turncoat: Sunday Stash

turncoat |ˈtərnˌkōt

nouna person who deserts one party or cause in order to join an opposing one.
I have been a loyal Kona girl since the dawn of my quilting days. Proof is in the fact, I have only bought Kona, for years. 

Rhonda Ruth Kona Bundle 
The NHMQG has been working with a large donation of Michael Miller Cotton Couture fabric. It might have won me over ... 

The fabric is so soft and luxurious. I might be a convert, or worse a turncoat ... 

This bundle of Desert Bloom Michael Miller Cotton Couture just happened to show up on my doorstep. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for putting together this perfectly curated bundle. 

Just to make sure I hadn't let go of all my quilting roots I did get the 2016 Kona color of the year: Highlight. Then some coordinating fabrics also fell into my cart.  Not truly a turncoat yet!

Net: + 5.75 yards
Year Total: - 15.25


  1. It sounds like you are more open to new ideas than a turncoat. If you have a second child, do you love the first less? I will accept the idea that you can like both brands. (Here, neither is a choice unless we order online from the USA.)

  2. Such a yummiest stash,love them all.

  3. Cotton Couture has a great hand. And honestly, I am really, really loving the Cloud9 Cirrus Solids. I hope they keep adding more colors to that line.


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