April 04, 2016

More HST's for Charity

Last one for a while ... 

The end has arrived.  Throughout the last year, I have systematically worked through my WIPs and quilted all my finished tops. This last check in the charity column was super rewarding! 

The quilt started with 40 - 10 inch square scraps and became HST's. Shamefully, I remember there being no dent in the scrap bin, even with the scrappy binding. 

Quilt Stats: 
  • Finished Size: 48 inches x 60 inches 
  • Pattern: Half Square Tringles
  • Fabric: Scraps
  • Batting: High-Loft Polyester 
  • Thread: Connecting Threads - Lavender 
  • Quilting: Straight Line

Usually with charity quilts, I like to experiment with something new. 

For this quilt, I tried high-loft batting. Truth be told, it wasn't my favorite. The back puckered as the spray basting stopped holding. It looks very fluffy and inviting, but a pain to quilt. 

Verdict: not again. I am going to stick with my beloved 80/20 blend. 

Net: - 4.5 yards
Year to Date: -21 yards


  1. All your finished tops are quilted?? That is so awesome - congratulations!!!! :)

  2. Yay! Good for you! Beautiful quilt and it looks so comfy! But I have to agree with you on fluffy batting. I just finished a charity quilt and used a fluffier batting than normal and it was a PAIN! Puckering, slippery, etc. But now I know and the little person who is going to get my quilt will not care one bit about my quilting imperfection!

  3. Your quilt is so pretty! Glad to know about the batting :)

  4. A lovely finish! and the scrappy binding is perfect!

  5. I'm sure you feel good about getting them all quilted! I've always used 100% cotton batting since it lays so flat, but I do like the look of quilts that use fluffy poly battings.

  6. Ahh ... thanks for sharing your take on the high-loft batting. I'm a Warm and White girl -- I think it's a good quality for the price. I just bought my second 40-yard bolt -- eep!

    I'm convinced -- alas! -- all of our scrap bins are bottomless. I like the way your scraps play together. So you trimmed those HSTs yourself this time, right? ; )

  7. Maybe try wool batting? I like its poofiness (is that word?) although I have used pins to baste it.


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