April 24, 2016

Starlight: Pulse Check

Over retreat I was able to get this quilt top put together. 

A while back I went shopping in my stash for new quilt project and fell in LOVE with this fabric all over again. The fabric is an older line by Basic Grey called PB & J. I pulled the pattern Starlight from my library and was good to go! Old stuff with a new life.

At first I was worried about sewing on the bias for a whole quilt. 

My take away, the bias was more forgiving than it was a nuisance. This top came together easily. The pattern has no y-seams, everything is laid out in row. 

This might be my new favorite go to pattern! Always a sucker for stars.

Not to mention this fabric is so yummy to photograph.

Net: - 8 yards, YTD: -17.25 yards

LINKED TO: Needle n Thread Thursday, Finish it Up Friday 


  1. Very cute and hooray for no Y-seams. Not that they're hard but they do slow things down a bit. When I made my triangle quilt, I'd learned that I was avoiding the bias for no reason. As long as I used a starch product while pressing it was easy to sew, and as you noted it was more forgiving when necessary.

  2. I really like the way the stars seem to be pulsing in this pattern. It looks like the piecing went well - the points seem pointy and so well lined up. Sometimes bias is really good to acknowledge and then enjoy. :)

  3. Isn't it fun when you find a fabric and pattern you already have and make something this lovely.
    You are right: nothing scary about bias. As long as the end points match up, the middles seem to work themselves out.

  4. So pretty!!! Now of course the question is how to quilt it. :D How many times has Michelle tried to steal it?

  5. Gorgeous - looks really beautiful in your photos!

  6. It's beautiful, Chelsea! Have fun quilting it :)

  7. Gorgeous. Love the way you used a single print on the big triangles, it's really striking.

  8. I've made a really similar quilt like yours, but with the Y-seams. Not I'm stuck, I stitch in the ditch all seams but I don't know how to quilt it. I really like the sun light in your pictures.


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